Beginners Guide to Auto Insurance in 2017

Guide to Auto Insurance

The idea behind auto insurance and why the law requires car owners to purchase car insurance for their cars is to compensate the cost of property replacement or repair and medical expenses when there is a case of careless driving which can cause injuries and damages to lives and property. In this case, there are many factors that determines the pricing of this auto insurance services which are coverage, type of car, user address and others

Mandatory Coverage

The mandatory coverage is a must do for every auto insurance buyer and in most states in United states, buying Liability Coverage is a must for policyholder in mandatory coverage and it consists of two different types of financial responsibility which includes:

Bodily Injury Liability:  here, the compensation plan is held for those who sustains injury in an accident when the policyholder is at fault. That is to say, there is financial protection made available from insurers to policyholders when they are at fault.

Property Damage Liability: just like Bodily Injury liability, the financial protection is made available for property damage which is caused by the policy holder.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): in this case, it doesn’t matter who is at fault. There is a financial protection for both the policyholder and the victim; the insurer gets to take care of the medical cost of everybody.

Coverage Limit

Coverage limit for coverage varies from different from state to state. Also, some insurers have the license to sell and underwrite policies for users in multiple states, this way, every buyer always gets a policy that complies with the rules. Different insurer’s agencies in different states provide their services in accordance with the laws.


The term “deductible” tells the amount of money/cash that insurance policyholders are willing to pay before the coverage kicks off. Paying a higher deductibles, will help the policyholder to reduce the monthly premium payment, while the lower option ensures they do not have to spend heavily from their own pocket for car repair if case be.

Type of Cars Insurance

In auto insurance, Sports, Luxury, classic, and collectible cars are the most expensive cars to insure because they require a lot of money to repair when damaged. Newer vehicles can either be cheap or expensive, depending on accessories such as safety and security features. The Protection for policyholders’ cars is part of the optional insurance coverage. Everyone is therefore left with the option to choose between full policy with additional protections and basic protection.


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