North Carolina Auto Insurance Coverages

North Carolina Auto Insurance

Most North Carolina auto insurance companies rewards your responsible decision with Car insurance discounts that could help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars every years no matter what North Carolina city or town you are living in. Talking of NC car insurance,

Companies like Liberty Mutual are members of North Carolina community  and offers exclusive savings to its members of different collage alumni groups, associations across the state and employers.

Going from North Carolina Auto Insurance Laws & Requirements to North Carolina DUI Laws, and from North Carolina auto theft statistics to North Carolina auto insurance rate trends, from North Carolina teen drivers laws to North Carolina Auto Insurance rate estimates trying to find all the auto insurance information you need can be pretty a hard. But then this is a good news if you’re a North Carolina driver, all the information you need are right here.

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It involves you knowing your state insurance requirements before you can get the right car insurance In North Carolina. At the levels listed in the chart below, you’re legally required to have the car insurance coverage. Once you’re familiar with the basics, you can take a look at the common coverage levels of policyholders in North Carolina. You can use that to get insights of what other policyholders are choosing in your area North Carolina.

Your agent can help you with better understanding on the different coverage types available in your state, after then, you can decide on what limits and deductibles that serves you best. Your car insurance will be changing as your life changes.

North Carolina Auto Insurance Rate Trends

To be an informed customer from North Carolina, you will have to know the auto insurance rates, average monthly premiums, and North Carolina rate trends. The image graph below shows the recent auto insurance quotes of North Carolina’s average monthly premiums and rate trends by month, it also compares those to the national averages. Check out the chart of monthly premiums, and table of rate increases and rate decreases and get informed before you need make decision about how much you purchase for auto insurance in North Carolina.


auto insurance quotes of North Carolina's average monthly premiums 1

auto insurance quotes of North Carolina's average monthly premiums 2

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North Carolina Car Insurance Information

Just like in most states in United States, the state requires that you have a minimum level of certain types of auto insurance coverage in order to register and drive your car in North Carolina. North Carolina auto insurance requirements include:

Most people always go for the option of choosing higher amounts of auto insurance coverage than the state minimum so as to protect themselves in case of an accident. Please download this brochure from the North Carolina Department of Insurance to learn more about North Carolina auto insurance minimums.

Get North Carolina Home Insurance & Save

Purchasing a Home Insurance policy along with Car Insurance from any of the good and reputable insurance providers like Liberty Mutual could qualify you for a multi-policy discount.

Car insurance companies in North Carolina

Scores are based on’s “Best Insurance Companies” customer review survey of over 3,700 customers. Companies not in the top 10 of market share do not qualify. All scores are out of 100.

Best car insurance companies in North Carolina

Best customer service:

  1. USAA – 97.2
  2. State Farm—92
  3. Allstate – 91.8
  4. Nationwide – 90.4
  5. Geico –88.7

Largest Car Insurance Companies in North Carolina

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