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In summary, Aetna offers a broad range of health plans and insurance products for individuals & families, employer groups and those who need health care or Medicare. It works to improve health care in America. Aetna website serves not only individuals & families, and employers & organizations, but also health care professionals and producers.

About Aetna Health Plans & Insurance Solutions Guide

Aetna has a very large national network of doctors and hospitals in the United States. They offers you health plans & insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, pharmacy & pharmacy benefits to individuals & families; guidelines, tools and training to health care professionals; products and services to producers. No matter which category you fall under, Aetna will help you get the information you need to make the right decision.

To know Aetna group of subsidiary companies in your state. Find “State Directory” on the bottom and choose a state to view Aetna’s name. If Aetna Health plans are available in that area, you can get a quote and shop for your plans and apply for them. For example, Aetna individual insurance application. If not, you have the option to shop for plans at Aetna partners’ websites.

Opening the “Individuals & Families” link will enable you to navigate the site by clicking the “Menu” button on top. All useful links can be found through here. You can find a doctor, find a pharmacy, and know about health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts as great ways to pay for medical expenses with tax-free dollars. Plus, you get to know why you should choose Aetna, what it offers for her members, and tips on how to live a healthier life. Here are some tools you will find when you join:

  • Aetna mobile web on Android and iPhone for you to view and buy health insurance or access most popular tools at
  • iTriage app to learn possible causes of multiple related symptoms, locate care and book an appointment.
  • CarePass app to connect to the health and fitness apps you love to help you set and track goals, see all your app data in one place, and access care when you need it.
  • You can find costs of tests and doctor visits, look up a claim status, find a doctor, and check account balances.
  • If you have any question(s) on this regarding Aetna health plans & insurance solutions, kindly contact the Customer Service at

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