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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance, also abbreviated as AmFam, is a private mutual insurance company that focuses on auto insurance, property and casualty insurance, it also offers commercial insurance services in life insurance, health, and homeowners coverage as well as investment and retirement-planning products. You can read more About American Family from Wikipedia.

The Insurance company was founded in October 3rd, 1927 (90 years ago), with it’s office located at 6000 American Parkway, Madison, WI 5378, United States. You can see this AMFAM profile from Wayback Machine for more insight about the company background.

List of Companies Under the American Family Insurance Group include

  • American Family Mutual Insurance Company (AFMIC)
  • American Standard Insurance Company (ASIC)
  • American Family Brokerage, Inc. (AFBI)
  • American Family Life Insurance Company (AFLIC)
  • American Family Insurance Company of Ohio (AFICO; Ohio subsidiary,
  • companion to American Family Mutual Insurance Company)
  • American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio (ASICO; Ohio subsidiary;
  • com Inc.(AMFAM)
  • companion to American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin)
  • American Family Securities, LLC (AFS)
  • PGC Holdings Corporation (General Insurance Companies “The Genera)

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Shop Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance and More at AMFAM

American family provides various types of insurance services for it’s users, so you can shop for any type of insurance at AMFAM. Get Auto Insurance quotes from American Family Insurance. Below are some of the type of insurance coverage you can get from AMFAM Insurance

  • Car insurance: which provide the protection you need to keep your dreams in motion.
  • Homeowners Insurance: dedicated to inspiring, protecting and restoring your hard-earned dreams so you have more time to focus on the things that matter most.
  • Life insurance: life insurance from American Family is a must-have for people like you who are committed to protecting what matters most.
  • Business Insurance: American Family business insurance covers so much more than just your building or workspace and help provide customized backup for your business.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: The motorcycle insurance is up hard to inspire and protect your adventurous spirit with your bike.
  • Rentals Insurance: The rental insurance coverage helps you replace your stuff/property should something bad happen. These includes things like fire outbreak, theft, water damage, etc.
  • Condo Insurance: Customized coverage that helps protect the lifestyle you love in your home, property or business.
  • Boat Insurance: American Family Insurance protects your watercraft. protecting your family, friends and freedom on the water with AMFAM.
  • Flood Insurance: protects you against floods, which can happen anytime, anywhere even if you don’t live in a flood environment/zone
  • Travel Insurance: American Family offers travel insurance that keeps you protected nearly everywhere in the world.
  • AVT Insurance: For you terrain vehicles, comprehensive and collision coverage helps protect against most accidental damage or loss to your ATV.
  • Health Insurance: American Family offers a variety of health insurance optionsto choose from.

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How to Enroll or Create American Insurance Account

To create account with AMFAM, please follow the steps below

  1. Go to the site homepage at
  2. At the homepage, click on ‘my account’ option located at the top of the page. A drop down login form will appear!
  3. At the form, click on ‘create account’ link. You’ll be given the option of creating either a personal account or business account.
  4. Kindly make your choice of creating either personal or business account and follow the instruction to complete the account sign up process.

You’ll have account with AMFAM if you have successfully followed the instruction given here.

American Family Insurance Login

Do you have the question of ‘Where can I login to my online American Family Insurance account?’ kindly follow the guide below to login to your American family insurance account

  1. Go to the website homepage at or click here to be taken straight to the login page.
  2. At the site homepage, click on ‘my account’. A drop down form will appear.
  3. In that form, enter your user ID and account password
  4. Click on the Login button.

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Once you have successfully followed the steps above, you’ll be taken to your account where you can manage and do whatever thing you want do.

American Family Insurance Bill Pay Online Guide | American Family Insurance Pay Now Online

Below is the step by step guide on how to make payments with American family

  1. At the site homepage, click on ‘my account’. A login form will come up or use this link .
  2. Click on ‘make payment’.

American Family Insurance

  1. At the AMFAM payment page, kindly follow the instructions to complete the payment process. (Billing number and zip code at the Pay now section>>your payment information>>review your details>>confirm your payment).

Once your payment has successfully been made, it will be reflected in your minimum amount due and account balance within one business day. And  if it’s within holiday period, you’ll need to allow up to three business days for the payment to be reflected.

How to File Insurance Claim at American Family Insurance on

Did anything go wrong with your insurance product? Was there any accident? Do you want to file an insurance claim for you damaged car, truck, motorcycle, business, home, etc, kindly follow the instruction below and file a claim right away to AMFAM online.

  1. Kindly go to American Family Insurance claim page at
  2. Your Policy Number – Only numeric values are accepted. Enter the first 10 or 12 digits in this field.
  3. Customer Contact Information – name, address, city, email, state, zip code, etc. After this session, click on the next
  4. Accident/Incident Information – needed at the second step of the insurance claim form. After filling the accident details, click on
  5. At the claim summary section, kindly review all the details/information you have provided to make sure it’s all correct. After which, click on Next and confirm your claim submission.

Once you have successfully followed the guide above your claim will be under review and you will be contacted as soon as possible from the American Family insurance admin.

American Family Insurance Claim Phone Number

Call 1-800-MY AMFAM (1-800-692-6326). When filing a claim, please be prepared to provide the following: Your name, address and phone number. American Family Insurance policy number.

Then Call 1-866-424-8002 to pay using the automated phone system of American family insurance.


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