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Direct General Insurance Review and Brief Info

Direct general insurance is an insurance company in the United State. The company has it’s headquarter in Nashville, Tennessee, and operates in about 400 local offices across twelve states in the Southeastern region of United States. These states are Arkansas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The company provides auto insurance, motorcycle insurance and life insurance. Direct general also partners with NetSpend to provide a prepaid MasterCard.

Brief Rating of Direct general insurance (Pro & Cons)


  • The company has good and comprehensive Emergency Protection Plan for auto insurance
  • Has less restrictive requirements for accepting insureds


  • So many customer complaints already, making the company has suck at customer service in resolving concerns and billing issues.
  • The Auto insurance service is only available in twelve Southeastern states, and the coverage can be spotty within those states.

Benefits of a Policy with Direct General Insurance

Below are some of the advantages of choosing Direct general insurance for your auto policy cover.

  1. Drivers insured at direct general can add supplemental services to the standard auto insurance policy already offered to them.
  2. You have roadside Assistance and Emergency Protection.
  3. In particular, the Emergency Protection package has other many services that functions as another level of protection on top of your standard coverage.
  4. Personal effects are also covered.
  5. The insurance plan pays as big as $125 per day up to a year of hospital stays, up to $1,000 of accident medical expense reimbursement, $100 towards ambulances, and $500 of legal fee reimbursements which is quite cool.
  6. The rental insurance costs are reimbursed (reimbursed only through rental option with a collision and comprehensive coverage).
  7. Direct General states on its website that it understands dropped coverage from other carriers, and won’t require checking account or credit cards that other insurers may ask for
  8. They are more receptive towards drivers with non-standard driving records. For example, they cover high-risk auto insurance in addition to standard car insurance.

These great benefits come at a cost of nearly a third of representative quotes.

How to File Direct general insurance Claim

To file a claim, kindly call the Direct general insurance telephone number at 1-800-403-1077.

The representatives are available 24/7, the First Notice of Loss team is only available Mondays to Fridays from 8am ET to 7pm ET and Saturdays from 8am ET to 4pm ET to file a report. Also, other company representatives may be present to record your policy information, but the actual claims form will not be filed until the regular working hours of the company.

In the call,

  • Press 1 for New Claim.
  • Press 2 for Existing Claims

Customer Service Telephone Number of Direct general insurance: (877) GO DIRECT

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