Select Quote Review 2018 | Reasons Never To Choose Select Quote Insurance

Select Quote Review

Today, I will be talking about Select Quote review

Select Quote is an insurance agency that help prospective policy holder to get insurance quote from insurance companies. SQ is the right place to go when you talk about their pricing, services, and pros & cons.

Read down this review about Select Quote if you want to:

  • Quick facts about Select Quote Insurance
  • Compare of their pricing
  • Know a few negatives things about SQ
  • Know if they are a “good company” or a scam
  • Know the Advantages of using an independent insurance agency.

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Quick Facts about Select Quotes That Will Burst Your Bubbles

Before you read down, please watch this select quote review from Liran Hirschkorn 

  1. Aggressive Approach
  • The company (SelectQuote) saturates the advertising market with multiple radio, TV & print ads per day.  The company also pays Google, Bing, Yahoo & others companies lots of money to rank #1 in Google search results. This implies that is pressure to sell lots of life insurance that will cover the cost of the adverts!
  • There is a problem with selectQuote support service since the sales representatives only work in a call center and have a quota to close 5 life insurance applications each day in order to secure their job.  That’s a total of 1200 in a year!  So how can the representatives keep up with that pace and provide excellent service to their customers?  Obviously, they can’t.  This factor alone has created lots of employee turnover.  Chances are high that you might not speak with the same person twice!
  • There is a rush to get it done now for you in SelectQuote and the goal is to get you to commit into completing a life insurance application and medical exam the very first time they speak with you.
  • SelectQuote representative will cross sell and ask about your other type of insurance like Car, Homeowners, etc even though you want just life insurance.
  1. Lousy Service
  • At the moment, there is no instant online life insurance quotes available on SelectQuote’s website when you provide your contact information.
  • According to customers, SelectQuote already has a lot of complaints about their application and underwriting process.  The whole thing takes a long time to approved.
  • There is no backup plan! The SelectQuote insurance does not have the quality time to shop around for you from many insurance companies. This implies that you have to go with whatever the first company offers to you using SelectQuote.
  • Even though the representative you speak to is licensed agent, they won’t be the one to sign your life insurance application as the “agent of record”.  The person who will sign the application as your agent even when you never spoke with them is the call center manager or the owner of SelectQuote, Charan Singh, and is the agent appointed with multiple life insurance companies. So the question now is;
  1. Who do you call when there is a death claim to be made or you need to change your policy beneficiary?
  2. What if there is a problem or you need service after you already bought your insurance? Not your representative. He has moved on to the next potential sale or no longer works there.  You don’t have to count on a call back from Charan Singh either.
  1. The Independent Agent Tends to Save You More Money than SelectQuote
  • Since SelectQuote at does not offer you lower premiums on their website.  Your exact life insurance premium price will depend on the 3 Variables below.
  1. The amount of the policy you’re purchasing.
  2. When the policy will expire
  3. What health class you are approved at

The price of life insurance policy you’re trying to get is fixed based on the 3 variables above by insurance companies. This means that a 20 year term life insurance policy with Prudential is also the same the price at SelectQuote as on this and all insurance websites.

Select Quote Review, The Advantages.

One of the greatest advantages you already have dealing with Select Quote is probably because they are an independent agency, this means they offer insurance coverage from a variety of different life insurance companies or life insurance companies they’re affiliated with. In this case, it’s particularly important for someone with health impairment like diabetes.

So Why is this so important?

When it comes to certain medical issues, some companies are more lenient than others, so it’s highly beneficial to you to share your health history with an insurance agent like Select Quote, who will recommend the best company that will offer you the best rating with your health issue.

Also, life insurance agents like Select Quote is very thorough with the use of their medical questionnaire, so it’s another added advantage.

Some other good benefits to consider in this Select Quote Review is that their agents are very knowledgeable and well trained. The agency is a huge one, licensed in 49 states in United States, and has streamlined the underwriting process as much as possible.

Another remarkable point about Select Quote agency is that right from the very beginning of your application process to your policy delivery time; you can always consult 100 percent of your business with SelectQuote by phone.

On this one, you don’t need to be told that it saves you a whole lot of time and it’s convenient not have to go to an insurance agent’s office for enquiries. Now you know why they’re the number one seller of term life insurance online in America.

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Select Quote Pricing Comparison | Price Comparison of

Just as said in the quick facts above, Select Quote will not offer you a lower premium than any other agency or agent.

Assuming you’re purchasing a $600,000, 30 year term policy through Banner Life insurance.

The premium for purchasing this through Select Quote will be exactly the same amount as buying the policy through an agent who just got his operating license yesterday.

So there is no need working with Select Quote since Life insurance premiums are just what they are.

But then, there is something else to get your attention.

Because of the risk factors involved, you’re advised to use an independent agent for the reasons discussed above.

I know you wouldn’t want to go to an agent who works for State Farm, liberty mutual, or any other agent who only sells his own company’s products.n

Note: This review is gathered based on recommendations from another blog, kindly make further research before making up your insurance decision.

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