4 Steps to Take if Your Child Is Injured in a School Bus Accident In US

Steps to Take if Your Child Is Injured in a School Bus Accident

Do you know that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that school buses are seven times safer than passenger cars or light trucks? This is why parents think it is best for Children to take the bus to school. In truth, school bus accidents occur every year and sometimes serious injuries or death occurs. If your child is injured in a school bus accident, there are steps you should take to legally protect your family. so lets look at steps to take when accident occur in school, but not when child is injured on school playground.

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Steps to Take When Accident Occur in School

1. Seek Medical Attention and Follow-Up Care

Take the child to a doctor for a full medical evaluation most especially if your child has sustained injuries that did not require emergency medical attention, This provides medical records as to the severity of the injuries and the causes if possible as hell as ensuring adequate treatment.

2. Preserve Any Information You May Have about the Accident

If any information on the accident is provided to you as a parent of a child involved in a school bus accident from the school districtt, preserve such facts as well as the steps the school is employing as regards the accident. Create a file and stock such information. The school may tell you facts about the bus accident and what steps it is taking in response to the incident. Keep a file of this. Eye witnesses could also be found and their accounts of the accident may contain information that is not in the official reports. Save that too.

3. Document Your Child’s Healing Process

Make sure to document the specific ways the bus crash is affecting your child, both physically and emotionally. things to watch out for are physical pain, insomnia, nightmares, feelings of depression or anxiety. It’s also important to note activities your child needs to skip because of injuries from the bus accident. Write down the issues you notice and take photographs of your child’s injuries during the healing process. These are very important.

4. Contact Bus Accident Lawyer

This id also of utmost importance. If your child was injured in a school bus accident, contact an experienced school bus attorney as soon as possible. Evidence tends to disappear after crashes like this. The sooner you have someone on your side protecting your interests, the better. Kindly consult your school bus accident lawyer, he will help you with how much can you get from a bus accident. A stitch in time, saves nine.




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