7 Misunderstandings And Myths Of Obamacare You Must Know

Myths Of Obamacare

Obamacare has been around for over half a decade now and there have been so many misunderstandings and myths of Obamacare which many people are still yet to know the truth. Today, we have some clear truths about Obamacare which you need to know about obama care facts and myths.

There’s a lot of misinformation about myths of Obamacare out there, so below are some truths:

7 Misunderstandings And Myths Of Obamacare

  1. As a user, you can only buy insurance coverage during open enrollment times unless you have a qualifying life event. This means you cannot get insurance on your way to the hospital.
  2. “Obamacare” is not an official name as people think. It’s just a nickname for the Affordable Healthcare Act or “ACA” which was implemented by Barak Obama, the former United States president before president trump.
  3. Also, Obamacare is not a free insurance program (it’s free only if you’re on Medicare, Medicaid or some other government subsidy).
  4. Obamacare is not about “buying insurance from the government.” Obamacare is simply a new rule for insurance companies and the requirements for everyone to have insurance within the United States.
  5. You do not have to purchase your insurance policy through a government website like Healthcare.gov, it’s just a resource website that the government made available, although you still have to purchase plans directly from the insurance companies you choose. It’s highly recommended that you consult an insurance agent to help you choose and purchase the right plan that best serves your need.
  6. Anyone making up to 400% of the federal poverty level will be qualified for a subsidy to offset the cost of health insurance in United States. The subsidy given to you phases out as your income approaches the limit. An individual tops out around $45,000 per year according to Kaiser Family Foundation. For a family of four, the cut-off is about $94,000 per year.
  7. Many non-ACA (non- Affordable Healthcare Act) health plans have been grandfathered in through Dec 2014. Some even when some companies have their small-business group plans grandfathered in, they can still change to an ACA-approved plan if they want.

If you have the question of what was healthcare like before obamacare?, then, just know it that there was no much difference.


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