7 Things You Can Do With An Old Insurance Policy

7 Things You Can Do With An Old Insurance Policy

Today I had a client comment that she has been paying for car insurance for over 20 years and has never had an insurance claim before. The funny thing about auto insurance is that it is intangible, meaning you can’t see it, feel it or touch it. If you don’t use it, you wouldn’t even know its there. Auto Insurance is like a spiritual guardian that watches over you, like Obi Wan Kenobi in the Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi.

If a good driver in Ontario you might have spent tens of thousands over the past ten years, paying for insurance policies that you haven’t ever used. What a bummer. That’s why Find Cheaper Insurance wants to try and make you feel better. Everybody needs insurance, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Doing these things are still one of the ways to increase old insurance policies value, or find how do you find life insurance policy of a deceased person? check out wikihow, that way, you will be cashing in old life insurance policy

7 Things You Can Do With An Old Insurance Policy


  1. Increase your fiber intake
    Need more fiber in your diet? Liability slips are made of moist fibers derived from wood and rags. Just think of it as the most expensive meal you have ever had.
  2. Commit a random act of vandalism
    Every year you will receive a new policy information package that details any change in your premium. Over the years these forms can really start to pile up. Instead of wasting these forms on your local recycling program, why not tape them together and create a giant weight you can throw through your neighbors window. After all if you’re not going to use your insurance policy, they might as well use theirs.
  3. Re-gift
    Have you ever received a wedding invitation from someone you didn’t really know or like? Try re-gifting your “pink slips” to avoid any more un-welcomed invitations. This tip could also be used for;

– baby showers
– anniversaries
– Bar mitzvahs
– Bot mitzvahs

  1. Make Toys
    You can make countless Paper Airplanes!
  2. Go Crazy
    Like Norman Bates once said, “we all go a little mad sometimes”. So why can’t you? Why not take your piles of insurance paperwork and fling it wildly in the air before running in your bosses office to dry hump his favorite chair. If you need a little inspiration to pull this one off, just remember how much you have spent in insurance over the years.
  3. Create a paper trail that leads to nowhere
    First start by spending hours & hours of your day ripping your paperwork into fine, thin strips. Once you have finished this step, go to a playground where people won’t recognize you and start laying down the paper strips as if they lead somewhere. Make sure you don’t do this on a windy day or else the joke will be on you.
  4. Fax them to your insurance provider
    Go to your local Staples Office and pay them to fax all of your paperwork to the head office of your insurance company. This one will probably cost you, but its worth knowing how confused the people on the other end of that fax machine will be about their Old Insurance Policy


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