February 29, 2024

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Some of the best features in a Modern SharePoint Document Library

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Microsoft SharePoint is here to stay. It’s so easy to share files and collaborate online with people in your organization that no longer does it matter what software you use. Compared to classic SharePoint, Modern SharePoint is more user-friendly and packed with a lot of simple but useful features and changes.

In this article, we’ll give you a brief idea of the Modern SharePoint document library. SharePoint has been around for a long time and it’s used in businesses across the globe to help users to collaborate and to manage documents.

Modern SharePoint is an upgrade from Classic SharePoint and is much easier to use and has many more features than Classic SharePoint. Today we will give you a brief idea about some of the best features of the modern SharePoint document library.

Copy and Move documents with Classic SharePoint

This section is confusing and not very well explained. These options are easier in Modern SharePoint. You can’t worry about permissions. In modern SharePoint, this is made much simpler and easy.

If you haven’t, you’re missing out on an easy way to moving text from one place to another was very easy in the older versions of Kindle, but in modern SharePoint, the settings and options are made simple and easy.

Adjust columns

Adjust columns so that they are not wider than the width of the screen. SharePoint has a new Modern Experience designed to make it easier to find the exact product you want, faster than ever before. Increase Column Width the users’ experience greatly depends on how columns are displayed to them. Long titles and descriptions should not be resized so as to make them easier to see.

This should not be an issue at all since you can always resize the columns of the table to be longer or shorter. Resizing columns for easier viewing of long titles or descriptions is an inevitable action. In the new Modern Experience, all you have to do is double click.

Download Multiple Documents

Multiple documents can be downloaded into the OneDrive folder, or they can be sent directly to other users through email, just as if they were files. Now you can download files together, and get a zip file for the files you choose.

You can download multiple documents in the modern experience with ease. Select them and get it downloaded in a zip file. There are a few actions that require a third-party app in the Classic SharePoint experience, but with the Modern SharePoint Experience, all of these actions can be done easily and quickly.

SharePoint Action Bar

 In the modern SharePoint Document Library there is a new feature that uses a new action bar which has replaced the ribbon. This action bar allows you to see everything in one place. On selecting a document, there will be options that are according to your actions.

The default behavior in most programs will be to show all options to the user.

Pinning Documents

The Pinning function is useful for sharing documents in teams and groups. It helps keep all members up-to-date and synchronized. The feature allows you to highlight a document for a short period of time.

You can remove any document by pressing the X button at the top right corner. If you want to remove more than 3 documents, simply drag them and drop them onto the Trash bin in the bottom left corner.

Final Words:

There are more features in the list, and you will get to know about them when you contact some SharePoint consulting firms. Different businesses have different needs and different ways of working. The professional SharePoint consulting companies have all the information and experience to configure the SharePoint setting according to your style of working.

Al Rafay Consulting is an expert team in this regard, they can customize your SharePoint Document library into a unique document management system that will help you manage the organizational documents smoothly.

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