5 Powerful Things Travel Insurance Covers

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

The most suitable travel insurance plans minimize financial hardship resulting from trip cancellation or interruption, medical expenses, misplaced or stolen belongings and emergency evacuations. One should note that travel insurance coverage differs from company to company. There are several things that you can expect travel insurance to cover (and in some cases not cover), below are the most important:

Things Travel Insurance Covers

  1. Trip cancellation or interruption:

In the event that you become ill, a family member passes away, or a natural disaster spoils your plans, cancellation coverage may help payback any nonrefundable costs that you have already paid for. You may be covered if your employer shifts your schedule around and requires you to work. Jury duty or an important travel agency folding may also be covered. Terrorist attacks are also covered if an incident unfolds in your planned destination prior to you leaving. Interruption coverage also covers you if your trip is cut short for similar reasons.

  1. Medical expenses:

Medicare never covers you outside of the country. In fact, a lot of health insurance plans will not cover you once you’re outside of the country. Even if your does cover some international costs, out-of-network costs can still accumulate. You may even find that foreign care providers will refuse to assist you until their services are paid up front.

  1. Emergency evacuation:

If you need to be evacuated from a remote spot for medical or security reasons, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Evacuation coverage helps pay to speed you to a nearby hospital, or covers the price of a medical flight to the U.S. if needed.

  1. Lost or stolen baggage or belongings:

 There has been an improvement with how airlines handle baggage in recent times, however, more than 24 million bags were still mishandled or misplaced in 2014. Majority of the policies pay up to a certain amount to make up for this common travel scenario. The most effective travel insurance plans will also reimburse you if you have to buy new items because your bags were late arriving

5. Phone assistance 24/7 worldwide

This entails having a bailout number to call if or when something happens. Stolen luggage, lost or missing passports, cancelled flights, medical emergencies. Every travel insurance company offers 24/7 support for all these needs.

This service is most important when you have a medical issue.

24/7 Travel Assistance Services can help you:

  • Arrange medical transportation
  • Arrange for treatment and overcome any language barriers
  • Organize transportation home
  • Replace prescriptions in an urgent situation
  • Find the nearest sufficient hospital if necessary

additionally, non-medical assistance may include:

  • Misplaced baggage search; stolen luggage replacement assistance
  • Travel information including visa/passport requirements
  • Emergency telephone interpretation assistance
  • Lost passport/travel documents assistance


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