June 15, 2024

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Vemma Business Opportunity – Will It Make You Rich?

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Yes a lot of people know about Vemma and are talking about the company and its great marketing and compensation plan.

Today in this article, I want to examine if the company can make everyone who join her marketing program rich.

First let us start by explaining what Vemma is for those that may be hearing the name for the first time.

Vemma Drink or Juice is a specially formulated health drink which is being proclaimed as the king of all fruit juice. It is made from the Mangosteen fruit which is reputed to be a cure for many diseases in man and woman.

Vemma as a company was created and is being run by a man called BK Boreyko and his 2 Sisters all of whom come from a direct marketing background, their parents having been Amway distributors. They grow up to see their parents turning their living room into a meeting place to promote Amway products amongst their family friends.

Vemma as a name was coined from the following words namely: Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen fruit, and Aloe Vera. The company markets here few juice products via the direct sales or MLM model.

Let us examine if everyone who joins this company can be rich marketing the products.

First I like to say that the company has quality products which has been proven to be good. But without the right training or knowledge, you are not going to be able to sell this because people are already biased because of the experience with other similar companies and their products that turned out to be in-efficacious.

Will everyone become rich joining the Vemma business opportunity? The answer is NO!

Not everyone who joins the company can make it. In fact many will go on to loose money. Let me explain this. With the marketing and reward model adopted by the company, you will only make a dime based on your sales. In other words, no sale is equal to no salary or income for you as a distributor. On top of that, you are expected to make a minimum monthly purchase to keep your distributorship active and qualified. This costs money and if you do not sell or recruit others who buy, then you are not going to recover your money. Hence you are spending without any reward or return. Sooner or later, frustration is going to set in and the distributor will quit. Hence not everyone will be rich with the company.

But there a tiny few who go on to make it with a company like Vemma. Those are the ones who spend time to learn how to make a sale online and offline.

The good news is that this can be learned. Devote sometime to educating yourself and I think you can make money not only with Vemma, but with any other company in the mlm area who has excellent products like Vemma.


If you want to join a company like Vemma, get educated first.

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