September 22, 2023

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Organizing Marketing Chaos: The LBM SOAR™ System

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Organizing Marketing Chaos: The LBM SOAR™ System

Creating and executing an annual marketing plan can feel like absolute chaos. Whether it’s finding the time or resources to write a blog, posting to social media, or just creating the plan itself, the components of a marketing strategy can be overwhelming.

Here are some of the challenges we consistently hear:

  • “Our company doesn’t have a strong system in place to generate the right leads”
  • “Our marketing actions are not in alignment with company goals“
  • “My team just lacks the time and/or marketing expertise to execute our plan”

The Ghostbusters understands your challenges

It’s Time for a Change. The solution is a sustainable
lead generation system customized for your business. 


The SOAR™ System

Over the years, we have helped clients from many different industries develop and implement highly effective marketing strategies. As a result of working with such a diverse list of clients, we’ve been able to look at the commonalities of each individual strategy and focus on the fundamentals that made them successful.

This attention to detail is what led us to the development of our SOAR™ System.

The stages of the SOAR™ System

We created this proprietary system to help busy leaders create a sustainable lead generation system within 90 days so they can remain confident in the growth of their company without losing focus on their other responsibilities.

The name was developed from the 4 key characteristics of a healthy marketing strategy.

S – Strategic

It all starts with strategy. We’re firm believers that the number of marketing actions that should be taken before a strategy is created. Everything from your perfect personas to business goals should guide your marketing actions.

O – Organized

Without organization, your strategy will fall flat. Your marketing systems should be organized in a way that releases stress and creates breathing room. Content management and marketing automation systems should be your best friends.

A – Accountable

Accountability is the key that keeps the wheel turning. Momentary success isn’t the goal of SOAR™ – we’re aiming for the long haul. An organized strategy should be held accountable. Is your current strategy providing the results you need?

R – Repeatable

The best part of the SOAR™ System? It sets you up for repeatable success. With strategy, organization and accountability in place, your annual marketing plan can become repeatable year after year.

Click here to learn more about the SOAR System

3 Stages of SOAR™

Our goal is to take our clients from marketing chaos to marketing clarity. To do so, the SOAR™ System operates in 3 unique stages:

Stage 1: Understand
Stage 1: Understand

First, we lay the framework and clarify exactly who it is that you’re seeking to serve, what you are trying to accomplish, and which of your existing assets can be harnessed for your success.

Stage 2: Unlock
Stage 2: Unlock

Next, we map out a strategy and develop the marketing actions needed to execute that strategy. We’ll create a lead magnet that answers the questions your buyer persona is anxiously asking.

Stage 3: Unleash
Stage 3: Unleash

Then, we’ll shift focus to the promotion of your lead magnet and integrating your marketing with your sales efforts, online ads, and analytics – creating a sustainable cycle of lead generation.


Sarah Kotva of Fieldwork, Inc. endorses the Little Bird SOAR System


Are you ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level?


The SOAR™ System is designed to help busy leaders create a sustainable lead generation system within 90 days so they can remain confident in the growth of their company without losing focus on their other responsibilities.

If that sounds great to you, let’s talk – your company could be a perfect fit for the SOAR™ System.

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